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Why Hire Us?

Our Design Service Features

• In-person interior design service styling, we are not an online-only service. • Easy design package covering all your needs. • Response with 24-hours of your enquiry. • Free discovery call to discuss your project. • Detailed quotation within 3 working days. • Your first design consultation with us in the convenience of your home. • Existing home-style assessment. • Professional home and site measurements. • Budget planning and monitoring throughout the design process. • 3D visualisations included. • Photo Realistic rendering service available upon request. • Full home lighting design and commissioning. • Shopping experience with us, including visits to The Design Centre, showrooms and galleries. • In-house furniture design for any bespoke furniture solution including kitchen design, bespoke pantries, wardrobe design, library and TV units. • Hassle-free procurement (shopping) service on your behalf with optional storage available. • Design implementation throughout the process including styling day(s). • Architectural plans and planning applications service. • Over 10 years experience in the design industry. • Eco-friendly design approach. • Commitment to your 100% satisfaction.

See our design packages here: Design Packages.

The Benefits Of Working With An Interior Designer

You may be wondering how paying for an additional service can save me money? First of all, hiring an interior designer for the design alone isn’t as expensive as you might think. The real expense lies in building cost, labour, materials and fit-out (furniture and lighting). An experienced designer can help you significantly reduce most of these costs.

1. Saving You Money

1. Saving you money – when you hire a designer you gain access to their expertise and knowledge of retailers. The designer is going to know exactly where to shop, therefore, they are more likely to find you appropriate products at a wide range of prices so you know you are getting the best value rather than overprices items. A well trained interior designer will help you also to avoid costly mistakes like ordering the wrong paint colour or paint finish and saving you from unnecessary trips to the shop. He or she will design custom made wardrobes that perfectly fit into space without making any costly changes or mistakes, and will help you to choose the furniture that is in the right size and match the style, so you don’t have to pay any return and restocking fees. A designer will also keep your budget at bay, so you don’t land up paying more than you initially planned. No doubt, you would absolutely make back the money when you invest in the design services.

2. Saving Your Time

A designer not only can keep you on budget, but also save you time and effort. You might be asking yourself where do I buy all the “stuff?” A designer knows exactly where to go for resources, saving you an endless amount of time researching products, brands and comparing prices. The designers main job is to spend time researching so you don’t have to. Throughout the design process, there will be also multiple decisions to make, like planning decisions, materials selections, products choices, the position of lighting and fittings, etc. and an experienced designer will have most of the answers for you? This also means that you’re going to get your home design right the first time around. So, if you do not have enough hours in the day, then it’s definitely a great idea to hire an interior designer who will do all the heavy lifting. All you need is to collaborate with your designer, and you end up with a house that feels like a perfect home for you.

3. Setting A Realistic Budget

You may be wondering how much all this will cost? And you are not alone. Most homeowners renovated their kitchen or bathroom over 10 years ago and have not thought about the cost of the renovation since. It might be also that this is your first project and you simply don’t know what to budget for. Luckily this is not the case for interior designers. They have a wide knowledge of today’s costs and what to include in the budget planning. They also know what hidden costs to expect, that most clients are not aware of, hence why most homeowners go well over their initial budget. An experienced interior design will also monitor your budget over the course of the build, and flag up any costs that might arise from any changes, so you know what decisions to make before is too late.

4. Detailed Planning

Once you have received your architectural plans, you will realise that they often lack planning for practical elements. It’s not a priority for architects to focus on planning your home interior to the fine details. You will also find your builder is not a good resource, for what size sofa you should be getting for your living room or how to plan your wardrobe. It is entirely an interior designer’s job to focus on those details. An interior designer will invest time into planning your home, making sure that you have sufficient storage, functional bathrooms, enough room between the kitchen island and your dining table and that super king-size bed fits perfectly into your guest’s bedroom. An interior designer will come up with a practical floor plan that can also include a lighting diagram that is ready to pass to your contractor.

5. Experience

Interior designers on a daily basis work closely not only with builders & architects but also with council officers, decorators, painters, plumbers, kitchen fitters, curtains makers, gardeners and many more trades, therefore when you hire a designer, you don’t just hire that person, you hire a vast experience and knowledge across the whole industry! They’ll be able to professionally advise on many aspects of build and design beyond their initial “job role?”. Through the process of completing many projects, interior designers build up their high level of expertise and well-trained eye for fine design details. They know how to create a perfect style, choose a well-balanced colour scheme and create complex but cohesive designs to give your home the ‘wow’ factor. When you hire an interior designer you not only will get a beautiful and practical home but also the design finish, that only professionals can create.

6. Gain Confidence

Renovating or building your dream home can be a very stressful process. Making multiple decisions under the deadlines alongside your work and day to day responsibilities is energy-draining and can have a major impact on your confidence. Choosing to work with an interior designer will lift any uncertainty of your shoulders and reduce significantly the stress level. An Interior designer thought the whole process will guide you in the right directions help you to choose the right products and at the same time build your confidence in future decisions. It’s like having a good friend supporting you with your best interests at heart and giving you great advice!

7. Solving Issues

Whether you are doing one room transformation or renovation of the whole house, it’s definite that along the way you will stumble on problems where the solution seems impossible. The designer will not only quickly come up with a solution but often will find an alternative that will surpass the original design. Their strength is creativity, and they will always take a perceived problem and turn it into an amazing design feature. Without the designer, you might try to solve the problem in the wrong way and this may either cost you extra money or you might compromise on the design look, something that you will see and feel for many years.

8. Great Resource

With years of experience, an interior designer brings access to their resources and preferred suppliers. Interior designers have a long list of retailers and their products that have been tested for quality and price. so you know you are purchasing value. You will also have access to designer’s tools like advanced floor plans or 3D rendering programs that can help you envisage what your room will look like before it’s completed.

9. Added Value

An experienced designer will see the potential of the property right at the start of the design process and will know if your idea of adding an enormous bathroom or moving guest bedrooms to the back of the house will be the smart choice and the best use of the space that you have. They will also know what is worth investing in, whether this is adjusting layouts and taking down some walls, or perhaps keeping valuable architectural elements of the house.

10. Completed Project

You might be very tired by end of the design process and start planning your summer holiday, but your designer will always finish the project for you! They will tick all the boxes until the last delivery has been completed. They will finish off the space by adding the smallest touches like frames, candles and, vases making sure they are placed in the correct position and perfectly alighted with the original vision, all done while you already started to relax and enjoy your new home.


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Home Re-style

Karolina was fantastic! Has amazing ideas and is very thorough. Professional and prompt service. Would highly recommend!

Darren / Surrey

Rebuild & Extension

I have been completely rebuilding a flat and extending into the loft (2 extra bedrooms and 2 bathrooms).. Karolina assisted from the beginning, helping me chose colours and colour schemes, fabrics, carpets, tiles, kitchens and bathrooms. She didn't manage the project as such, but assisted with hiring the contractors. Karolina made sure she understood my tastes and requirements, and visited my home specifically to get an insight into what I liked. She was practical and highly knowledgeable; charming, always cheerful, courteous and enthusiastic; but could be ferocious with the builders if she thought they had let me down. Frankly, Karolina she was worth every single penny of her fee and more (but don't tell her the last bit)!.

Tony / South West London

Apartment Staging

WOW!!! I really did not believe the apartments would turn out as amazing as they did! Karolina is a very passionate, friendly and considerate interior designer. She has been an asset to my project from start to finish helping with design, product selection and staging and interiors. I have turned a large tired, unloved and underwhelming 4 bed flat into a fresh, contemporary and classy 2 x 2 double bedroom flats both with en-suite. Everyone who enters the flat are equally impressed with the way it is styled and furnished and that is all down to Karolina. "There are no other flats with this style in this area. The finish is excellent!" were words from one Estate Agent. "Amazing, these flats will fly out the door" were words from another Estate Agent.

Eisie / South West London

Office Renovation

The team of Karo and Co Interiors is reliable, professional and most importantly, a team you can 100% trust for their expertise in their field of work and knowledge of the market. Karolina is an extremely easy-going person and makes work seem effortless and fun.

GDL Property / Chelsea

Bespoke Wardrobes

We originally contacted Karo to help with designing and fitting wardrobes, but have since then commissioned her to help with blinds, curtains and a storage cupboard. We are first time buyers and it was the first time using an interior designer. If we had known Karo when we kicked off our renovation, we would have used her for our entire project. Whenever we will renovate our flat again or buy a new one, we will be using Karo for the entire project. She is incredibly helpful and passionate about what she does. Great designs, ideas and suggestions.

Victor / North London

Office Conversion

We had help with our bedroom conversion into office, and it was great! Spoke to the designer within a few days of booking the service, got amazing tips and advice. Karolina produced 3D drawings for all room layout, fitted wardrobes, lighting. Desinger made perfect selection of finish materials (wallpaper, desk, radiator and all other small bits). When office was done all I need to do just to bring my computer in as it’s all was set and ready for me. The designer was always available for any follow-up questions. We were very happy that we used Karo & Co, highly recommend.

Rocko Construction Ltd