Complete Interior Design

We love to create beautiful interiors that can impact your life and environment in many positive ways. We will work with you to find the best suitable style and create interiors that are personalised to suit your daily needs, are full of your own character, and wherever possible utilising products that are easy on the environment.
We specialise in: Full home renovations, loft conversions and extensions, kitchen and bathroom planning, furniture and sustainable designs.


We will review your existing home arrangement and/or proposed architectural plans and look for improvements to achieve a more enhanced layout that can maximise the use of space and be more suitable to your lifestyle.
We'll also create a complete new set of drawings that will include replanned rooms, furniture arrangement and storage solutions, activities and relaxing zones, as well as new proposed layouts for kitchens and bathrooms.

Interior Design

To create beautiful interiors for you, we will specify the style and colour scheme, furniture and fabric selections which includes wall-coverings and upholstery within a chosen style that will serve you for years.
We will work with you to finalise all the details, chose the furniture and decor that you fall in love with. On the "styling day” we will decorate each room individually by adding art, accessories and final touches, while keeping eye on the overall concept so your home is designed in harmony.

Bespoke Furniture

We will plan bespoke storage for your home that is both practical and beautiful and provides solutions that you wouldn't think possible. We can help with kitchen layouts, utility rooms, bedroom wardrobes, offices or libraries, by creating 2D/3D colour visuals and providing technical drawings that are ready for production. We also work with an established, London based workshop, where we can produce our own bespoke furniture. You can find more information about our projects here: Bespoke Wardrobes.

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